The Concealed Carry University

Concealed Carry University

Equipping Americans with the Ability & Knowledge Required to Confidently Carry Concealed for Self-Defense.

Foundational Training

The Complete Guide to Effective Self-Defense

“A Master’s-Level concealed carry education based on a comprehensive 3-pillar approach.”

Price: $297.00

Master Handgun Accuracy

“Marvelous Target and Combat Accuracy training for the responsibly-armed American”

Price: $127.00

Advanced Training

3 Seconds from Now: Volume One

“The self-defense strategy and tactics training revolution is here…”

Price: $77.00

3 Seconds from Now: Volume Two

“The fighting principle of INTENSITY: The #1 survivability factor in real world violence.”

Price: $77.00

3 Seconds from Now: Volume Three

“Learn How to Win the Critical One-Second Advantage…”

Price: $77.00


“SKILL In Violent Combat: Focus Your Abilities and Energy to Shut Down Violence.”

Price: $77.00