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"Blood and Vinegar from CCU to You"


This week is dedicated to a quick recap of some of the white-hot governing principles of Concealed Carry University philosophy. This goes well beyond the realm of education, and these principles are universal.

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Hello and welcome to the Guardian Broadcast. My name is Patrick Kilchermann, founder of this Concealed Carry University.


This week, I want to light a fire and put a little motivation under you. I want to give you a recap on some of the more important aspects of Concealed Carry University philosophy.


Act One. If you are one of the people who have picked up one of the T-shirts that we sell on our website now, you will know that on the back, between the shoulder blades, I have a mathematical formula printed – but it's not numbers. The formula reads: Initiative + Momentum = Results. This is the formula for universal success within a certain type of warfare, a certain type of combat, and for a certain type of life's problems in general. It is a great philosophy to live by, and it encompasses a lot of what we teach in a big picture way. And everything else that I mention today fits within this formula, or this philosophy.


Act Two. You've got to want to success, you've got to want results. Most people think they want it, but they really only want the consequences.  They want the fruit of hard work, but they don't want to do the hard work. And they live in a way that proves that they don't really want success.  We must live and think and love and work and play the opposite way of these people.


Act Three. Intensity. So much in life is simply trial and error. You're going to fail dozens of times before you succeed, in everything you try. Therefore, the faster you can move, and the more intense you can be, the faster you will move through all the necessary failure to arrive at the eventual success. With intensity and speed, success is inevitable. 


Act Four. Enthusiasm. Years ago my wife and I lived in the middle of the city, and one night we thought somebody was breaking in. It turned out to be our landlord, who lived directly behind us, coming home in a slightly altered mental state. But for a moment, it was real. And later she told me she couldn't believe it: as soon as we heard the strange noises downstairs, I was out of bed and had my Colt M4 carbine in hand, magazine down off the top shelf of the closet with a round chambered. As the action slammed home, I did a pressure test on my mounted weapon light and I looked at my wife and said: Showtime! And then I was out the door. It may sound silly or even outrageous, but this is the attitude that we have to have. God willing your life will never be touched by violence in your gun will rust to death 100 years from now locked in a case in amid a peaceful world. But if you ever do need to use your weapon, if you ever are in a gunfight, then make no mistake: you are a performer for that moment. You are performing – that is your show, your moment. You need to live it, and you need to explode with all the enthusiasm and energy that you can muster. You didn't ask to be in a gunfight – and without a doubt it will be one of the worst moments of your life. But there's no reason why it can't also be your finest hour. Outwardly, a show of restraint and prudence and regret and sorrow is necessary on the legal side. And we should always have compassion, even for our enemies.  But in the moment when somebody pushes your hand, it literally is coming down to your life or theirs. And if you love yourself, or if you love anybody else, or if anybody else loves you, or even if you simply love the idea of human life and innocence -  then your love will be proven by the intensity and energy and destruction that you bring down upon the individual or individuals who believe that your life is worth less than two hours of getting high. So make that word your jump off point, and let it remind you of your duty and your critical role as an effective guardian: Showtime. 


Act Five. Don't cut corners. Educate and train your mind with the finest materials available – particularly my latest program, 3 Seconds From Now: Decisions Under Fire. I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true.  Work your body to connect its abilities with the abilities of your mind through getting active in training. And carry in your belt the finest weapon you can. Don't cut corners. If somebody told you that you were going to have to race 100 laps on a road course, pushing your car to the redline the entire way and throwing it into corners, which automobile would you choose: A Ford, or a BMW? Buy American – it sounds great until victory is on the line. At some point only results can matter, and car companies need to learn to build better cars. With handguns, the choice is even more ridiculously simple. You can buy a Tier 2 gun for 300 bucks, or Tier 1 combat grade handgun for 500 bucks.  How much is your life worth?  You can carry a 9mm or a .40 caliber, or you can go with a gun that is 1 mm thinner in your belt and carry .380 – a cartridge that is less than half as powerful. How much is your life worth? Considering this in terms of a road race, you get to choose whether you want to run this race with a $300 Ford Taurus or Chevy Impala or spend $200 more dollars and get a Honda S2000 or a BMW M3.  Don't cut corners. We can’t all drive the finest cars, but we can own the finest weapons.


Act Six. Who you are and what impact you make on the world is nothing more than the sum of your habits. We all have standards and ideals, and we all have those moments where we shine. But our habits outweigh these moments 1,000,000:1. Thomas Aquinas, one of the greatest minds of the last thousand years, said it best:  holiness is simply virtue made habitual. In other words, there won't be a moment when we suddenly turn a corner and instantly become the person that we always have wanted to be. Instead, through our habits we become a more concrete version of that person every day. Therefore, we have to live it. We have to consciously decide what kind of person we want to be; we have to determine what things that person would do every day in order to BE that kind of person, and then we have to begin in our own lives doing those things every day more often than not. Habits are so powerful. And they are formed simply by starting today and beginning to do those things. If you mess up on a day, then put in two good days in a row. I once heard a wise man say that all human activity amounts simply to ants moving one pebble at a time into piles. If we form good habits and if we are persistent and develop stamina, we can build mountains in our lifetimes. 


Act Seven, the last one for today. Commitment. You and I only live one time. This is our one and only life. You know what I say? Go big or go home. We get one chance – why not make the most of it?  If you want to be in excellent physical condition, you can do that. If you want to be a leader, you can do that. If you want to teach, if you want to mentor, or if you want to compete or become a Chess master or become disciplined or live on a lake or climb a mountain – you can do that. If you want these things, then I think you should. We live only one time. And it is a short life. 


With regards to commitment, I want to leave you with a philosophy from the renowned sword fighter of Japan from 400 or 500 years ago, Mr. Musashi. When it comes to being who you want to be and excelling in life, his philosophy was that "a rising tide floats all boats”. What is meant by this is that by going deep in any one field or trade or hobby or discipline, you are rewarded with wisdom and skill that pours over into other areas of your life. So, live and chase your passions. I believe that for you, being a guardian is one of these passions and disciplines which you are already on your way to developing. My education material and I are always here for you when you are ready to continue taking steps – and our country and our world can always use a few more excellent guardians. 


That is all for this week. Remember: Initiative + Momentum = Results.