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"Concealed Carry: Are You Being Realistic??"


There are few things more frustrating than having NO expectations for performance or skill, or having no plan to get there. In this broadcast, Pat provides the antidote for the disappointment or stagnation you might be set up for.

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Thank you so much for joining me here in the Guardian Broadcast. My heart goes out today to all the victims of the suicide bombing in Manchester, England. We are living in very strange times. May the souls and hearts and wounds of the victims and their families find peace, and may the perpetrators of these cowardly acts be brought swiftly to repentance and justice. I ask these things in Jesus’ name.

Okay, last week I defined the idea of Ninjas as they relate to guns and concealed carry, and I explained not only why they don’t exist, but why even the belief that ninjas exist is destructive to our ability to become and remain effective Guardians.

It all comes down to having realistic expectations.

We need to have realistic expectations for what we are and aren’t capable of. We should think of this in terms of setting up two “bars” in our minds. Picture a high-jump. We need to set a lower bar, and always make sure we can jump over that. But then we need to set an upper bar, and say: “It’s impossible to jump any higher than that upper bar, and if I try, I’m only going to waste time and be disappointed.”

Because if we believe that the bar is too high and is out of our reach, we’ll grow hopeless and stagnant. And if we believe that the bar is much lower than it really is, we’ll grow lazy and complacent in our decisions and actions, believing that we’re already plenty good enough and no more education or work is required. In other words, we’ll grow stagnant.

So we need to properly set these two bars in our minds, because if we don’t, we won’t have any fun carrying concealed, and we won’t win any gunfights, unless luck saves us.

Okay. How: How do we set these two bars – the upper and the lower?

Well, first, we need to raise the lower bar from the rock-bottom pit that most self-defense writers and equipment manufacturers have buried it in. The antidote for this is REALITY.

And that’s a big part of our mission here at Concealed Carry University: If you’ve followed our philosophy for any length of time, you know that we advocate and teach what we refer to as “reality-based self-defense.” By that I mean, or at least I hope, that our philosophy, strategy, and tactics are what you get when you stick all of what is known about armed self-defense into the blast-furnace of what really happens within the realm of observed violence, and boil out and burn off all the junk that doesn’t jive with reality. And therefore, by simply only considering strategies and tactics that jive with real life and real deadly-force engagements as we’ve seen them, a lot of what is taught and thought out there doesn’t have a leg to stand on. At best, some of it is inefficient or useless – at worst, a lot of it detrimental and potentially dangerous for you.

All of our curriculum is devoted to helping you compare yourself against reality, but my latest and greatest effort to this end is my new series, 3 SECONDS FROM NOW. I can try to explain what a real self-defense situation will be like all day long, but once you see enough of them with your eyes, and once you put yourself in the force-on-force pit with us and fight these fights over our shoulders, you will come to have a much better idea of what it takes to win and survive, and what you need to change about your mindset, ability, and gear in order to help you survive.


And second, by rejecting the idea of Ninjas, we’re shrugging off the external standard of imagined perfection. We’re shrugging off the bondage of high expectation that hack-trainers and action movies put over us, just to try to win a little bit of cheap glory.

When we do this, we see a new upper limit. Not the sky – this isn’t a motivational speech. The sky isn’t the limit, but instead, YOU are. Your desire and ability are the upper limit, and this is where you should tentatively set your bar: at becoming the greatest version of yourself – the greatest warrior version of your warrior self.  

I say “tentatively” here because I’m willing to bet that even you don’t know what you are capable of. I think you’ve got it in you to really impress yourself – to astound yourself over what you’re capable of with a pistol in your hand and a spare magazine in your pocket. And therefore, I think your upper bar will continue to raise itself as you submit yourself to and build yourself within this discipline of concealed carry.

This is a challenge that I’d never issue to anyone else, because very few are capable of accepting it, but because you’re here, I know you are. Because you’re willing to even consider carrying around a loaded handgun, ready to shoot and KILL someone at a moment’s notice, I know you’re capable of this challenge. And that challenge is: get good.

Friends…. Look at Manchester yesterday. The world is at war. It is at war against itself. Our culture is crumbling away. Our nation NEEDS strong people. It needs people who stand like stone columns in the river. People who represent virtue and stand for their principals – and yes, people who are literally willing to kill in order to save innocent human life from being brutally killed. That is you; and if there’s a better definition of GUARDIAN, I have not seen it.

So please: get good. Find that upper level of potential that you are capable of, set your sights, make a plan, and get there. Get good. Impress yourself. Watch as they years on your mental and physical odometer roll backward. Watch your energy and focus go through the roof. You are capable of this, and I think you were meant for it.

So, that’s it for this week. THANK YOU for being a pillar. Thank you for standing for something in this world. And if you need help charting your course to finding and hitting that upper bar of yours, I’m here. If you need help especially finding that lower bar that is dictated by reality, I’m here. My curriculum is here. 3 SECONDS FROM NOW is here, and it will carry you to both, if you let it. It’s worth it! Try it!

Peace be with you – I’ll talk to you next week.