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"INTENSITY Series – Win or Die"


This week, Pat begins a special and critical series wherein he will parcel out some of the fundamental concepts pertaining to The Fighting Principle of INTENSITY. This concept is the difference between failure or success in a violent conflict.

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This week, I want to kick off what will be a series of short Guardian Broadcasts where I’ll be working to emphasize, explain, and advance this concept of INTENSITY. The fighting principle of INTENSITY.


I want to make sure you’re with me on this one, because I think that learning to see violent conflict as a clashing of different levels of INTENSITY is a game-changer. I want to demonstrate that 95% of the time, the individual or force exhibiting the greatest level of intensity will win the fight. And I want to do so because I believe this understanding presents us with a realization about our own state of preparedness and our own ability to take control of and shut down violence that is VERY necessary and VERY healthy for us. And I believe it’s a realization that very few Guardians have ever faced.


What I mean is, if I am able to demonstrate that that statement is true, that the victim of an attack will win 95% of the time if he can react to that attack with a greater level of INTENSITY than is being brought against him, then any wisely-armed Guardian will realize he or she is at a fork in the road with their self-defense development and will have to choose one of these two possibilities:


Either you already DO understand and have trained the ability to leverage INTENSITY with your deployment of force and you are READY to shut down 95% of violence before you are killed or crippled


– OR –


you DO NOT understand INTENSITY and will be overwhelmed by the level of INTENSITY that your attacker WILL bring to the table.


Furthermore, if I’m able to demonstrate that virtually all armed self-defense training out there is weighted heavily toward literally making you LESS intense than you would be without any training at all, then we are presented with another critical fork in the road:


Learn what INTENSITY is and how to incorporate it into your presentation and use of your handgun, or suffer the consequences, which is to be locked up, shut down, and overrun.


So: that’s my goal. I believe this concept of INTENSITY is a game-changer that will perfectly compliment and amplify the effectiveness of all the other training you’ve received and will make you a winner of fights – and by ‘winner of fights’ I, of course, mean a survivor of violence. But as you’ll see, to leverage this concept of INTENSITY requires, among other things, that we reframe the conversation in a few critical ways. One of them is the psychological posture that we maintain as a worldview on what violence is, who violent people are, why they generally intimidate us, why they shouldn’t intimidate us at all, and what the best ways are to deal with these violent people if our paths ever cross theirs.


So I say again: understanding this fighting principle of intensity will make you a winner of fights. And I want you to be a winner of fights. And your dependents need you to be a winner of fights; because when it comes to being attacked, survival is winning, and winning is survival. So the choices are: WIN or DIE.


Okay. Next week we cover: What is INTENSITY, How do you measure it, and what does it do?