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"Don't Forget Your Gun"


Life is a conglomerate of habits of compromise or perseverance. Every day you make hundreds of decisions that affect your overall effectiveness either positively or negatively. What will you choose today? What will you choose every day?

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In certain Christian circles, it is said that ‘Holiness’ is simply the result of choosing virtue again and again and again. It is the idea that in just about every moment of life, there’s a choice between the very bad, the bad, the neutral, the good, the very good, and the best. They say that only by making good choices habitual can we hope to become the best versions of ourselves.


In particular, they say that we are always going to be fighting human nature, which is to be greedy, lustful, prideful, lazy, wrathful, gluttonous, and envious… and this human nature of ours pulls us downward toward the ground, every single minute of every single day. But that every morning, we have a chance to fight gravity and rise again. To fight laziness. To fight mediocrity. To fight the temptation to stay in bed, and to barely get by. To do the bare minimum.


Being an effective Guardian follows the exact same pattern. Every time we leave the house, we’re deciding: am I going armed, or am I leaving my fangs… my options, at home?


Every day, we’re deciding: am I going to work my body and get a little bit stronger today, or am I going to lay down in the face of time and gravity and let myself get fatter and lazier and slower and softer?


My wife has a saying: “every bite of food you eat is either going to make you healthier or less healthy – there is no other option.” This is the same choice we face as a Guardian. Are you becoming HARDER by the day, or softer? Are you becoming SHARPER, or duller? Are you becoming MORE dangerous, or less? Faster, or slower?


Every day, we get to choose. Soon, we will all be dead. Relatively soon. But today, we still get to choose.


Ladies and gentlemen Sheepdogs, Guardians, and CCU Alumni: I am so pleased to have you marching beside me. In this age of atrophy and apathy and indifference you are needed more than ever. Stand like a rock against the waves of currents being thrown against you. And every day, alongside, work to make your mind and body sharper, harder, and more dangerous. This is our role. This is our sword and shield. Wear them well.