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"Fountain of Youth – Vitality and the Hunger for Growth"


Zeal in one's quest for improvement is the tonic that keeps them young and sharp and effective in their pursuits. This broadcast is a reminder that there is no treading water in life, instead it is a choice between atrophy or growth.

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Okay, my friends. Labor Day is over, and we’re about to kick it into high gear here at Concealed Carry University. The social and political situation is heating up, and we’re entering the time of year that’s best for reflection and development of our guardian selves.


I want to begin with a word on Vitality. What it means to really be alive, to live. You see, it’s so easy to get on tracks in our lives… to get on the ride and kick back and relax. Now certainly we all have fires to put out, and we all have new problems, every single day. But there’s a difference between working IN our lives and working ON our lives.


When we work IN our lives, we’re trying to patch up broken relationships and advance our careers or get a new car. In other words, we’re using our minds and bodies as game pieces to play the game of life.


But when we work ON our lives, we’re stepping back, away from it all, and we’re making our minds and bodies better. We’re making ourselves better at life. We’re polishing and refining, developing and practicing.


One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in life is that there is no such thing as “treading water.” You’re either getting better or you’re slowly drowning. Your mind is either getting sharper or it is getting rustier and more gummed up. Same with your body. You’re always changing, every single day. And you’re either getting stronger or weaker. Healthier or more decrepit. More capable or less.


As reasonable people, we have to believe that we’re in control of all these outcomes. Do we get stronger and smarter and wiser, or weaker and dumber and more ignorant? It’s totally within our control, right?


So that means, what: we have a choice? We can choose. And WHEN can we choose? We choose now.


We recognize that literally this exact second in time is the only thing real that we will ever have. Tomorrow is just an idea, and yesterday is toast. So we have to recognize that: ANY meaningful change we’ve ever made or built up to in our lives has come about because of things that we consciously and intentionally did right now, in this exact, real-time moment.


So…. My point here is this: every day that we do not step back and work to improve ourselves represents a day of missed opportunity. We should read. We should train. We should practice. We should exercise.


And the worse you’ve let yourself go – the better! Because improvement will come easier and faster for you. I don’t care who you are. You CAN improve. Any improvement is better, don’t get lost in the search for perfection. Listen: In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Well that’s us. WE live in the land of the blind. Nearly everyone around us is blind. But not you. You’re here. You’re listening, to what!? Some stranger talk about difficult things related to the upper echelons of personal protection. Think of all the things you could be doing instead. But you’re not doing them – you’re here. Think about all that says about you. You are incredible – you are nature’s greatest miracle. And ANYTHING you do today to improve yourself is going to make you better. And if you can force these things into habits… then over the course of a year, you will not believe how much you’ve changed – whether we’re talking about your physical form, your skill and ability, or your mental strength and stamina.


So, follow my lead. Every day read something meaningful and good. Drop down and bust off some pushups. Go for a long walk, or jog or run or bicycle ride. Do a pull up, or 300 pull ups. Spend a little more time with your kids. Make that phone call that you’ve been putting off. Look your spouse in the eye for a little bit longer, and really, really try to listen and understand what she or he is saying. Whatever you can do. Just do more than you did yesterday, and tomorrow, do more than you did today. Sometimes, breaks and rest are more constructive than motion and effort – and you will know when that’s true. But otherwise, always do better and more than you did yesterday.


Okay. So that’s my pump up, to kick off a brand-new year here at CCU. My goal for you this year is to get you on board with my new 3 SECONDS FROM NOW series. I really, really believe this series is one of the best tools our community has now, to leverage the sort of constant improvement in ability and wisdom that I just finished talking about. I designed this program to accomplish so much inside you. I want to build real combat wisdom in you, which is the simple act of educating your senses for what combat will be like, so that those senses are not stunned or delayed in their reaction – and also so that those senses don’t impede the function of your brain or body in those critical moments.

I want to bring you to the point where you have full command over your body and every room you’re in. And the two volumes of 3 SECONDS FROM NOW will help you get there, better than any other single training or education piece I’m aware of.


Volume one teaches prudence in decision making under fire, through the exposure to many real-life gunfights, both caught on tape and re-created.


But Volume 2 is where things are really beginning to take off. Volume 2 puts forward a concept that I believe will reshape the way people think about and prepare for fighting. Volume 2 will make you feel 30 again. It will show you that YOU can win any fight, but that it’s your heart and energy – not the gun you carry – that decides whether you win or lose. But most of us are good people, and we haven’t cultivated the heart and energy of a combatant – not at all like the violent felons we may face.


Volume 2 will set you on that path, and I believe it will be extremely eye opening. Take a chance. Try it. If you don’t love it, send it back. But if you do love… then hang on, because this 3 SECONDS FROM NOW model is only going to get hotter. And yet this concept is totally cumulative. INTENSITY, the name of volume 2, doesn’t make sense without the prudence of volume 1, which is called Decisions Under Fire. And I promise you that everything I do from this point forward will be painted with the brush of INTENSITY.


INTENSITY is combat dynamics boiled down to its simplest form. It is a real force, and it is what wins fights, shuts down violence, and saves lives. Let me teach you what INTENSITY is, how to leverage it, how to develop it, and how not to get totally destroyed by it when it’s jammed in your face. That’s volume 2 – get it and try it, please. If you have it, watch it a few times – more is coming.


Okay. That’s all for this week, but over the next few days and weeks, I’m going to be working to illustrate better and better what INTENSITY is and why we each need to have a solid command over this unspoken language – the language of violence.


Stay safe, my friends.