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"Take the Path Less Traveled"


We are always changing. What direction you are going is entirely in your hands! In this episode, Pat reminds us that habit is the tool with which our lives are built.

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Guardians… my friends. Today’s broadcast is a short one, and I’m calling it: Take the path less traveled.


As humans, we tend to move to the path of least resistance. Not always, but often. We do this in conversation. We do this in our jobs. We do this during conflict.


We do it because it’s easy. Because it’s where direction and gravity points and pulls. We do it because it’s where the authorities want us to be.


But more and more, I’m realizing that nearly all good things happen to us when, rather than finding the easiest path and following it, we instead find a path that offers some resistance. Some challenge. And we take that one instead.


That’s when good things happen. That’s when growth happens. In fact, I submit that, provided we can actually overcome the challenges or successfully resist them, we will find a reward that will be in direct proportion to the challenges we face.


So let’s think about that. First: the qualification that provided we can actually overcome the challenges. What I mean is, I certainly don’t buy into the classic saying that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Instead, we’ve got to enter into reasonable challenges. Any former athlete with ruined knees, or any boxer with brain injuries or motorcyclist whose paralyzed will tell you: there’s such a thing as too much challenge. So we’ve got to be reasonable about it. Meeting challenge with resistance leads to growth – yes. But only if we actually can resist it.


See, when we think of intangibles like the human mind and spirit, we have to assume they are built similarly to our bodies. And unlike anything we humans have been able to engineer, which all gets weaker and weaker the more resistance we apply to it, our human bodies actually get stronger and better. Even at the cellular level, our skin literally becomes younger within a few weeks of beginning to exercise. We regenerate faster. We literally age backward in a lot of ways when we use our bodies as tools to push against resistance! Whether that’s running, or weight lifting, or even walking if that’s challenging for you. But this is an incredible fact and we can’t forget it.


If you don’t want to lose it, use it! Well, nobody likes the feeling of strain. Pushing your chest off the floor, or pulling yourself up by your abs, or pulling yourself up on a pull-up bar HURTS. It’s not fun. Nobody likes the exercise. But the people who do it have tapped into that truth that’s as old as our bodies: the more you do of something within reason, the better at it you will become. Brilliant.


So, we can safely assume that our minds and spirits function very similarly to our bodies in this way. When we seek out challenges and apply ourselves to them until we overcome them, we grow. Our minds become faster and sharper and nimbler and younger. And our spirits become more disciplined, more temperate, more chaste, more modest.


As humans, I believe this is where all growth comes from: seeking out resistance, and applying ourselves against it so that we can successfully resist it, and so that eventually we can overcome it.


Now, I’m not trying to give a motivational speech here. I do not deal in fluff. I’m speaking of direct, practical things that we can do beginning today.


In our lives, what is hard? What is easy? We should all make lists.


  • What are we eating every day?

  • How much physical resistance, i.e. EXERCISE, are we subjecting ourselves against?

  • Who are our friends, and why? What are we doing with our free time, and why?

And as Guardians, given that we share this unique bond in lifestyle and vocation:

  • How often are we carrying? Where are we carrying? How fast can we present? How rapidly can we put ten shots on target? Can we do it while moving?

  • How excellent are our brains at understanding the flow of violence and predicting the actions and reactions of violent people? How much have we applied ourselves to studying these questions and practicing these skills?


I want to repeat something I said two weeks ago: We must never let the idea of PERFECTION destroy our ability to achieve something GOOD.


So what if you can’t join a gym? I hate the gym. Just begin by doing push-ups. Do them every few days for a year. At the end of that year, look in a mirror in disbelief at how much you’ve changed.


So what if you can’t fly out to that top-tier training course? Hit the draw stroke and dry fire practice with a safe gun in your living room.


Who cares if all you previous relationships have fizzled or turned ugly. Start today to begin giving 100%, without expecting anything in return. It’ll come back eventually.


And listen: train your mind. Immerse yourself in violence before it happens. You’ll never be confident in your abilities to instantaneously understand and successfully conduct yourself within REAL violence until you’ve done this. Don’t let your first gunfight BE your first gunfight. Because it DEFINITELY won’t be the first one for the guy who’s attacking you. Make your first gunfight your 50th. GET 3 SECONDS FROM NOW, my new series. Get volume 1 if you don’t have that yet, and get volume 2 if you haven’t gone through that one yet.


This new training methodology works. I’m telling you.


So, that’s it for this week. Just remember: Growth probably ONLY happens when we resist challenge. And so, do that. As much as you can, in every area of your life. And I’m telling you… the more times you watch and see yourself actually achieving or even enduring something difficult: the more times you do that, the STRONGER and BETTER and YOUNGER and MORE FIT you will become.