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"Become Hard"


Our bodies and minds are shaped by the environments we put them in, they adapt to the challenges we put before them. This is well known, but Pat will share a different way to think about this truth that may just change how you approach the struggles of life. 

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Greetings, my fellow armed Americans and guardians – my fellow warriors.


I’ve got a short but hard message for you this week. That is: be hard. Get tough. Be as hard as you can be.


My friend, when we look to nature, what conditions do we see that are necessary for growth, or to put it better: transformation? Heat. Pressure. Time. Sound familiar? We’ve talked about this before.


A knife cannot become sharp without the friction of the whetstone. We cannot straighten and smooth the fabric of clothing without the heat and weight of the iron. Charcoal cannot be turned into a diamond without exposure to heat and pressure over thousands of years.


So too it goes with humans. We respond to our environments. We adapt.


Don’t think of your diet or exercise or education or training or productivity or work habits as things you do.


Instead: think of these things as the environments you put yourself in.


You’re not doing push-ups. You’re putting yourself in the environment that requires that you do push-ups. You’re not going for a run. You’re accepting a lifestyle in which running is necessary. You’re not getting up at the crack of dawn and hitting your job or business as hard as you can. You’re putting yourself in that environment.


When you put yourself in these environments… your mind and body WILL adapt. You’ll get stronger. You’ll become diamond hard.


Conversely, you’re not parking at the Golden Corral for two hours as you shovel in 4500 calories. You’re putting yourself in the environment where what kind of outcome is inevitable?


Amen I say to you: Very few humans are willing to expose themselves to discomfort in the form of heat and pressure and time, when it is unnecessary that they do so. Most people move to the soft. They move to the relaxed. The comfortable. They move to those environments, and the results speak for themselves.


Comfort is not a bad thing. But we have to balance it. The human body and the human mind respond exceptionally well to challenge. To putting strain on these things.


5 minutes of exercise. 5 minutes of education. This adds up, and it can mean all the difference in the world.