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"Friendly Fire – Part Three of Three"


This week, we finish up our third installment on the pivotal subject of friendly fire, and most importantly - we bring your ideas into the conversation. Thank you for sharing!

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Former and active LEOs, military veterans including a retired LTC, church security team leaders, pastors, doctors, and of course, a lot of regular, “average” armed citizens like me.


“I carry to protect my family” – “If there’s a way out, take it.” “not my job.” “Using your gun in public is always AT LEAST going to result in property damage, and you will be held accountable. And you’ll be lucky if it’s only property that’s damaged.”


“Situational awareness will prevent you from getting shot and it’ll prevent you from needing to use your gun at all.” - Be just as mindful that WE don’t shoot another good guy.


“Don’t be seen with a gun in your hand.” – “sucks, costs time, but it’s necessary.”


“Discreet draw.”


“Loud verbal commands, helpful, directing, encouraging.” “please,” “stay down,” “stay in a safe place”


A team leader: Over the shoulder nylon banner worn on the belt.


Describe yourself really well to 9-1-1.


While we should do everything we can do to avoid violence and to mitigate the risks of friendly fire, Ultimately: “the risk friendly fire poses is a risk that is the risk we all take when we choose to become guardians.”