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"How to be a

Well-Rounded Guardian"


In this episode, Pat discusses the importance of avoiding one of  the top mistakes within the realm of concealed carry: going too deep into areas that don't actually help us in our walk as Guardians. He speaks of the need to: Be a Well-Rounded Guardian.

What does this mean? How do we achieve this goal? Listen (or read below) and find out.

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Hello my friends and fellow Guardians. 

Last week, we wrapped up a two part segment on Combat Dynamics – that was the framework for a talk I needed to give, and it was nice to hammer it out here. 

This week, I want to change gears. You see, 2019 is about to become the Year of TACTICS here at the Concealed Carry University. It’ll be the year of GETTING GOOD. We want to get good enough. We want to jam into first gear, throw that clutch and start making tracks – building REAL skill that is reliable and reproducible in every situation we can find ourselves in. 

I like to think of old Land Rovers or Toyota Land Cruisers, though you could say the same thing about a tough as nails Jeep – even new Jeeps are great off-road vehicles. These vehicles had one thing going for them: durability. You could beat the heck out of them, and they kept going. They were made of higher quality materials and had redundant systems. They were effective on pavement as transportation, and when you threw them into mud or onto rocks, they were still effective. 

Now, I never take engineering for granted, and obviously even the crappiest, cheapest car is still a technical marvel. But it’s one thing to make a car that can survive 100,000 miles on paved, smooth roads without needing an overhaul. It’s an entirely different thing to make a vehicle that can survive 100,000 miles on both pavement and mixed terrain and mud and rocks. 

Well, that’s how you and I need to be. Driving on paved roads is like being a good shot in an indoor range shooting stall. But we need to develop ourselves into people who can put rounds on target in the middle of a violent, reactive attack. 

We need to be able to get our guns out and into play fast and reliably. We need to be able to perform skilled shots out of the holster from low retention. We need to be able to score hits while we are running laterally. We need to be able to hurt an attacker with our hands and feet and gain distance so that we can draw. 

These are skills, and they need to be worked. But, because we are savvy professionals, we want to be able to ‘hack’ these skills. We want to be able to develop them efficiently and effectively. 

Here’s one of the biggest pieces of advice I can give with regard to skill:

Hands on, kinetic skill with our guns in hand is at once the most important and least important thing we need to possess as people who carry concealed. I say that because:

It’s CRITICAL; skill is how we interact with the world. Without skill, nothing happens. It doesn’t matter if you understand things theoretically if you can’t do them.  Survival doesn’t happen without skill. And remember, even delivering a high-energy, explosive response to a reactionary attack (intensity) is a skill. 

However, I also say that skill is one of the least important elements of concealed carry because: technically, skill should be a given. Skill shouldn’t be the goal. Skill should be the starting point. 


Because ONLY once you have a fluid, auto-pilot grasp on actual, rubber-meet-road fighting SKILL can you then go bigger picture and develop the kind of AWARENESS that separates the entry-level boot from the Green Beret. What do I mean by that? 

Well, it’s like this: 

When you look at the kinds of military men who are the absolute tip of the spear of our armed forces, what you DON’T find are bulky guys ripped to shreds with bulging biceps who carry six guns and spend all day practicing their shooting skills. 

Instead, you find wiry-tough guys who all completely trust their shooting abilities so much that they are able to move on, and move into training their MINDS. They don’t need to spend all their time training skills because they did that. They checked that box, and now they simply keep them sharp through routine practice. But what really makes them special is not their marksmanship – again – it is their MINDS. They are Resourceful. And not just resourceful, though they are (many special forces go on to find that they are adept at business and career), but they become combat resourceful. They become very, very good at avoiding dangerous situations and avoiding fair fights. They become very good at only ever putting themselves into situations where they have massive, drastic asymmetrical advantages. 

Yes, they are loaded with skills – the kinds of skills that can help them react successfully to being taken by surprise, such as in a violent ambush attack like the ones we face. But those reactive skills generally serve one purpose, and that is to help them – as fast as possible – regain the upper hand so they can destroy the attackers who are in their way. If this sounds familiar, that’s because this is the exact tempo and ordering of our 3 SECONDS FROM NOW series. We want to give you this big picture self-defense ability. We want to make you the equivalent of a Special Forces Concealed Carry Private Citizen. I want to turn you into someone who is broad and dynamic. Rather than you being someone who can win points in a target shooting competition, I want to turn you into someone who can survive and thrive and dominate and WIN against anyone who enters your RADAR as a threat. 

Just like a member of the US Special Forces. I want you to have what separates a mere tournament fast draw or pistol shot into a domination-capable survivor and savior within extremely violent situations. 

How? It’s simple, even if it’s not exactly easy. But through this journey here at Concealed Carry University, you will have four things:

Awareness. Decisiveness. Resourcefulness. And Skill. That’s the difference. Those attributes are what makes someone jaw-droppingly, angelically-dominant and gifted in a violent situation. That combination is what will make you a master in this space. Someone who other practitioners of armed self-defense should listen to. 

This may sound like a tall order, but it’s not. Because while these attributes will make you incredible, they are also nothing short of ‘exactly what is required to call ourselves truly ready.’ 

You can do this. You are human. You were built for this. And you will love the way you feel when these attributes are maximized within yourself. Our 3 SECONDS FROM NOW series is how we plan on getting you there, through its ACCLIMATION focus on Combat Wisdom Development and the lessons it teaches on Awareness, DECISIONS under fire, INTENSITY in reactive response, and RESOURCEFULNESS inside its ‘1-Second Advantage’ Windows concept. It will get you there. 

Well, guess what? Volume 4 is ALMOST ready. We are in the final stages of printing. And this volume. Based on KINETIC SKILL…. Is going to help you make automatic every skill that you need and know and even those you aren’t even aware of. It’ll make you automatic and smooth. Volume 4 is going to be epic. And I am so glad you are here.