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"Call to Action for all Guardians – Courtesy of Ben Franklin"


"When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic." -Benjamin Franklin

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At first glance, you may feel that today's guardian broadcast has very little to do with being a guardian. However, and I realize this is going to seem like a pretty harsh message, but this broadcast has arguably more to do with being a guardian than any other broadcast I've done.


Benjamin Franklin: "When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic."


There's more to this statement, more truth, than most people are comfortable with or willing to or even able to realize.

You see, this is the American constitutional republic. And it is YOURS to protect.

In America, we need a call to arms. We need a revolution in thinking. We need to return to our roots. What am I referring to? Some people might assume I'm referring to guns and fighting! But I'm referring to something far, far more important.

You see, I have come to realize that the fantasy that many people have, which involves them standing on their front lawn with a rifle declaring "come and take it" has become so popular because it is easy. It's a cop-out. It's a line drawn in the sand in precisely the corner of the sandbox that is the least likely to ever be encroached upon by a bully. The declaration that "they will never get my guns" sounds at first glance like somebody doing their patriotic duty – a guardian of the republic standing up to potential tyranny. However, it is really an empty, lazy promise that we know deep down will never be demanded of us. It is an excuse. An excuse to buy shiny black rifles, and an excuse to do nothing else.

I realize this message sounds extremely critical and harsh, but I wouldn't be delivering it if I wasn't very certain that messages like this were one of the last big hopes for our republic.

To be clear, I am not criticizing black rifles or their owners. However many black rifles you own, I probably own more. However much ammunition your local gun store has in stock – or all of them combined – I probably have more. These things are important. They may be needed some day – but certainly not in a blue helmet tactical romantic fantasy, which is strategically impossible, but that's a conversation for another day.

My message today goes back to Ben Franklin's quote and the call to arms that we hear through it: democracy ends when people realize they can vote themselves capital out of the public treasury.

But this statement runs far deeper than money. You see, there are many different ways that we can vote our privilege out of the public treasury on the backs of others. And most of us do it all the time.


One of the most destructive ways is that we Americans as a whole have decided to outsource involvement in the political process.

Not only do very few people even vote anymore, but far, far fewer ever hold office of any kind. We leave it up to others. We say that we are too smart for the job – or that we are not smart enough. We say that we are too busy – or that we have already put our time in and deserve a peaceful retirement.

 And yet, we guardians are often the first ones to complain when, politically, things don't go the way we want them to.

This is your call to arms: we have to take it upon ourselves to get active in American politics. And I don't mean following the issues and voting – that is a given. That is a constitutional obligation that we have. I am talking about going a step further and running for office and winning and holding office and executing that office very well.

This country runs like a charm ONLY because of a silent Group of millions of public servants who go to meetings and listen and think and decide. County drainage officials. Township tax assessor. Registrars of deeds. City council members. School-board members. Or even more importantly, lawyers, prosecutors, and sheriffs.

By forgetting that the American Republic is only as valuable or useful as its public servants, we as a nation have largely decided to vote ourselves comfortable lives that do not require the boring, uncomfortable, and time-consuming duties of the public servant. 


And here just a couple generations into this civic duty amnesia, the consequences are already disastrous. For one thing, the young have apparently lost most of their respect for the elderly – and this is causing a catastrophic domino effect chain reaction throughout our culture. But when the middle-aged of America, right on the brink of having obtained priceless wisdom, make it a habit to check out and move away and retire – rather than get involved and preserve the country for the next generation – who can blame the youth for failing to respect the retirees and the elderly?


The youth NEED that example. They depend on it! I always think to myself when I do ANYTHING: what if everyone did what I am doing? How would the world look then? Well, if everyone practiced good citizenship, the world and especially our country would look amazing. And I don't need to tell you what the world would look like if everyone totally checked out of all involvement beyond middle age, right as the wisdom they've accumulated reaches its peak value.


But even more firmly than the lofty goal of providing an example is the recognition of the political involvement duty we have to the republic's backbone. It's easy to forget this duty, because our country is all about freedom. The freedom to live and let live, and do our own thing. But because we were born here in the freest country on the planet, we have a duty to ensure that - after productive and enjoyable lives - we take active measures to pass this freedom onto the next generations. I do not believe this is a personal choice. I believe it's a duty.


What if we don't like the state of the country? Or the direction of the country? Well, then our involvement is all the more critical. And we're all the more culpable and accountable for letting its condition slide during our lifetimes. 


Saying that America is the best country in the world isn't just a nationalistic rally call where cavemen circle around and worship a meaningless flag and say it's the best because it's their flag. America really, truly is - yes, even after the century-long slide away from liberty and constitutional individual liberties. Even with the 16 trillion dollar debt and disastrous mismanagement, America is still the best, because: Look around. There is no alternative. Sure, there may be places where the most independent and wealthy can pay fewer taxes and enjoy more relative freedom. But anyone who has had children or grandchildren knows that we cannot control the economic strength of our offspring - and in fact, chances are that any advantages we think we're providing them will be squandered as they, too, learn life's lessons the hard way. America is the best place to do that. It's still the land of second chances and new beginnings. 


A while ago, a friend was trying to encourage me to move to Chile in South America, because of how low the taxes there are, and how much freedom there is for fast-moving, entrepreneurial individuals. Later that week, some discontented college students were arrested for throwing Molotov cocktails at the capitol building. And, it's not even a big deal down there or in many parts of the world. 


Some people say that it doesn't matter where we were born. That we should go to wherever the weather is fairest. Well, to the rest of the world, it does matter. It really matters. And increasingly for us Americans, there are no lifeboats. This country is it. And if we let this one fail because we think some "reset" is possible, we're in for an unpleasant surprise. The United States of America WAS the reset. This WAS stormy, violent Europe's second chance. There are no other continents. From here, it's a downward slide for a thousand years. Except for brief periods where politicians are able to conserve freedom and slow down the slide, yesterday's government will probably be the best one. And the government the day before that was even better. 


So this is your call to action. Grab a paddle, and start paddling. Because we are nearing a waterfall, and this is not a waterfall that we are going to be able to shoot our way out of with our shiny black rifles – or pay our way out of with what will by that time - if WE let it happen - useless paper currency. If we work together and re-create what it means to be a GOOD American citizen, and show the younger generation what it means to be a GOOD American citizen - then I absolutely believe we can slow down the decline of American culture and law and economics to the point of sustainability - so that even our great-great-grandchildren are able to enjoy most of the freedoms we know today. 


Every generation thinks theirs was the worst, but that's not true. Look at concealed carry law. 20 years ago, we had nothing. From 1994 to 2004, you couldn't even buy a true AR15. But in such a short time, we've achieved so much - not only slowing the decline in this specific regard, but actually reversing it big time. We cannot forget how incredible that is. 


There will always be more than 300 million people on this piece of dirt, and every day they will wake up and chase happiness. When 300 million people who believe in themselves and their freedoms wake up every day and chase freedom, what you get is the most powerful economy in the world. We can run circles around countries 5 times the size of ours, because we have something special that they don't. We have not only FREEDOM, which is as invisible as any other useless idea - but we have the INFRASTRUCTURE - the legal and economic and physical INFRASTRUCTURE - that actually brings freedom to all Americans and guarantees it to them.


And we cannot forget that this legal and physical and economic infrastructure is only there because of the millions of civil servants out there quietly and patiently and generously doing their jobs day in and day out. 


We cannot forget that while the second amendment and our shiny black rifles are all that stand between freedom and tyranny – there exists a possible reality far scarier than any tyrant: apathy. Apathy, not tyranny, is what killed Rome. And it will kill us if we don't grab an oar and start paddling. So! Run for office. As small as the township level, or as high as you can. I guarantee you that you are more righteous and competent than the person whose seat you'll take over when you win. And as small or insignificant as it will seem while you're doing it, always remember that this country would be nothing more than a rosy colored, useless idea without YOU making it a reality.