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"The Idea of a Concealed Carry Combat Training School, Part 1 of 2"


Education: A beautiful, intellectually and spiritually nourishing gift when done properly and when sown in a fertile mind, but something that has been subjected to far too much ideological decay. 

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Back in the 1970s, a man named John Senior spearheaded a program at the University of Kansas called Integrated Humanities. This 4-year program only ran for a decade or so that I’m aware of, but it produced some of the greatest American philosophers we’ve had – people who truly became pillars of Western and Christian Culture. Now, John Senior was a great thinker and author, and before he died, he was in the process of writing a book that was to be called The Idea of a School. It was never published, but I was given a Xeroxed copy of the unfinished transcript that Senior’s son had shared with a couple of his friends in education.


The ideas presented in the transcript were astonishing. As the author put it, he was laying out the blueprint for the best boys’ school physically possible – a school that few modern parents would ever send their kids to, he knew – but a school that, if attended, would be the most likely attempt modern America could muster to create kids who would have the potential of men like those who founded this country and drafted our constitution.


It would be a tough school. A hard school. A full-time boarding school beginning at 8th grade, lots of hard study in the classrooms, and lots of hard work in the field. A school where horseback riding and fencing are taught in between sessions of Dante and Homer, taught solely in the universal language of the world and science: Latin. A school where kids grow their own food and chop down their own heat.


But regardless of the tactical objections you might have to Mr. Senior’s 130-page illustration of ‘the perfect school,’ you can imagine that, strategically, this is a challenging concept which presents an interesting frame of reference to the modern way American kids are educated. Most modern parents would struggle with John Senior’s Ideas. “I want my kid to enjoy life, not hate it. I want them to reap some benefit to the hard work I’ve done to give them a good life.” But I would ask: How many times do we have to learn that we can’t want success for our kids? That we can’t want virtue for them? That there are no shortcuts in life – that struggle and hard work are the only way to give kids this fighting spirit… the spirit of the founding fathers?


Rather than look at what produced great men and women in the past, it seems that our fast-paced ‘modern way’ of education seems to be an experiment in doing exactly the opposite of the great men of the past had done to them.


Does modern education work? Certainly not for all. We’re a nation that can, collectively, construct self-driving cars. Individually, however, we can barely read the constitution – let alone write it.




The truth is, modern concealed carry education is in the same deplorable state. Now, the institution of concealed carry works and is so incredibly safe because those who choose this pathway are already extremely responsible citizens. Like the motivated high school student, the only kid who would probably choose to be there, every single person who opts to get a carry permit is choosing this pathway, and they are thus overflowing with motivation. You have to be passionate if you want to legally carry a gun.

And I see every day, people who have taken on this responsibility, coming to me and investing in my material to ensure that they become and remain as responsible and effective as possible.


But I think we all know that except for a few exceptional institutions with very high standards, willing to flunk people and put safety and competency over dollar bills, the educational requirements to obtain a carry permit in the US are nonexistent in the practical sense. And that is, IF the state still requires the class – increasingly many don’t these days. Now, is this a bad thing – is the sky going to fall? Not really. That’s because the classes were already deplorable to begin with, so shrugging them off isn’t going to lower safety standards measurably. Meaning that, ‘if we were fine before’ (which we were: people who carry concealed commit shockingly few crimes or mistakes), we’ll be fine if these requirements are dropped. But the other reason is, as I said, people who carry concealed will figure it out. They have and will continue to make themselves safe – with or without these classes.




Probably not.


And effectiveness in handgun combat is something that we should all want. You see, we’re used to the worn out blurb that we have to give people who don’t speak our language for the reasons we carry concealed: “I carry concealed because I value my life and have a duty to protect my family, and if I’m attacked with deadly force in a location without a police officer present, then fighting back is my only choice.”


Yes, it’s true. But the key to that idea working out well for the good guy rests in the phrase, “fighting back”. Ahhh, the fight: the realization that you or some other innocent party is probably going to DIE if you don’t put a bunch of holes in a “bad guy” really quickly – and then the shirt is pulled up; the hand makes contact with the handle; the pistol is out, and you are active. What was a traffic jam for miles just turned into, for you, a wide open road and you are full throttle blazing through the gears. You are then fulfilling the entire reason you even began carrying concealed for: fighting back. The option to fight back if it’s your (or someone elses’) last resort.




Gun-fighting and its underlying premise can’t be taboo. It can’t be IF we want to be effective – and it shouldn’t be taboo, because again, that is the only reason we carry handguns to begin with: for the possibility that “at one time in my life, shooting another human being may be the only way I will be able to go on living.”


But again, here I am condensing ten lifetimes worth of study into such a deceptively simple phrase: “Shooting another human being…” We make it sound as if the decision of whether or not to draw and fire is the difficult part, and we assume that once we decide we MUST shoot in order to live, that our bodies will be able to actually DO it.


And yet, have you seen most people shoot? Have you ever tried to shoot a moving human, without looking at your sights or being fully aware of where your sights are, while you yourself are moving? Or for that matter, have you ever tried to draw from deep concealment WHILE getting smashed with impact after impact – know instantly that you’re already a goner, but that in your last 15 seconds of consciousness you might still save your kids? We need these skills. You want these skills. And yet these are not skills we are born with. And amidst violent combat cannot be the first time you’re exposed to these demands.


So: that brings me to what I want to present to you NEXT WEEK. I began this Broadcast by explaining to you the premise behind a man named John Senior’s Idea of a School. An 8-12th grade school for teaching boys Western culture because, as he put it, a child can learn exactly one culture – and to teach them multiple cultures is to teach them no cultures. It is to abandon them. To put them adrift at sea, with no bearings, and no beacon. It is to suggest to them that ‘everything is equally good’, and then kick them into a world where knowing what is beautiful and life-giving versus what is a repulsive and dead-end is becoming more difficult by the day.


And that is precisely the opposite of what YOU need, with regards to concealed carry and gun-fighting. You need the truth, and you need to develop the skills that would allow you to destroy the destroyers, should your trigger ever be the only thing that stands between the destroyer himself and the precious human lives that you hold the dearest in this world. And let me tell you: I plan on being the person to deliver that to you. To deliver the opportunity for this educational landscape to you.


Up to now, I’ve given you The Complete Concealed Carry Guide to Effective Self-Defense and Master Handgun Accuracy. In these programs, I sought to give you the foundational knowledge that you need in order to build the fighting and winning mindset, to select the best gear, and at best select effective training courses – but at very least, to arm you with practice strategies that would, if practiced, give you excellent odds against the killers you’re most likely to face.


And I do believe this is the best education available. And that’s what The Complete Guide is: it is education with a small training component. And remember: becoming responsibly and effectively armed requires what: Education, Training, and Practice. And neither are a substitute for another. So, you go through the Complete Guide – you get a Master’s Degree level of education in concealed carry, with as much directional training as can be given over video, and then it’s up to you to practice everything you learned. But to go further, more training is needed.


Now, what does modern America offer? For the most part, it’s the sad, public-school equivalent of gun running, where even the most expensive and ‘tactical’ of classes are nothing more than glorified paper target shooting within two lonely dimensions.


But there is something much better possible. And to roughly quote the six-million-dollar man: We have the technology…. We all have the money…. And so I think we have a duty to do it. And with that said, NEXT WEEK, I want to give you my very own, Idea of a Concealed Carry Combat School. And by the way, this school doesn’t exist, yet. I’m not trying to sell you anything here, except the vision for what is possible today with gun-fight training that wasn’t possible twenty years ago, and the certainty of what separates sub-par education and training from truly excellent and beneficial education and training.

This school would cost about $800,000 to start by my calculations, but it would make all that back in its first 3 years, with some very effective advertising. And that is WITH paying fantastic wages. $800Gs is a pretty penny, but I am not worried; I’ll make it happen. I believe that 5 years from today, I will have this school running, and it’ll be near an international airport with easy access to a hotel, and perhaps you and I will be mastering gun-fighting together.  


So: the school that I’m going to propose to you next week is something that needs to exist. It’s something that good people who have this passion need and deserve, because I want YOU to become a master handgun fighter, not a master stationary paper target shooter. I want YOU to feel the adrenaline, to feel the pressure, and to be exposed to the only environment that can prepare a person for violent combat. You’ll see what I mean next week. And if any enterprising CCU Alumni want to take this concept and beat me to the punch, please: be my guest! Secretly hoping that someone else builds this is another reason for sharing it. Because the only reason I will eventually build this training school is because I plan on being its very first student.