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"The Thin Layer of Peace & Becoming Fluent in the Language of Violence"


Being so fortunate as we are, few of us experience what life can be like below the veil of security and peace that envelopes our lives in society. Life below this veil is characterized by polar opposites to the life we know...even the language of violence.

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You and I are not violent people. Meaning: we deal in peace and persuasion and economics. These are the ‘languages’ we speak as we deal with other people.


But let me ask you a provoking question: Could you be a violent person if you needed to be? And I don't mean hypothetically. I really am asking if you've thought about this, and if you've spent a significant and important amount of time envisioning yourself in deadly-force scenarios and getting comfortable with the idea that you may need to become violent?


If we choose to carry concealed, then we must ensure that we understand violence, and that we’re capable of being more violent than those who may try to attack and kill us.


Consider these important points about the language of violence…


Violence as a language must be learned. It’s a language that we knew from birth, but one that we usually lose at an early age, simply for a lack of practice.


Violence is a language that, by the grace of God, we will never have to speak -- but it’s one that, if we’re ever forced to speak it, then speaking it fluently and with a large vocabulary will be the only thing capable of saving our lives.


Violence is a language that, right now, isn’t spoken in our communities very often. But if we ever find ourselves in a place or in a situation or among people for whom violence is the native or chosen tongue… then unless we speak this language fluently, we have no voice. We will have lost our say. And that will mean that you are wasting your time carrying concealed… and it would mean that you were defeated long, long before you were ever attacked.


So I ask again: In 3 seconds from now, could you flip a switch in your head and in your body, and go from peaceful old you to a hardened piece of razed, sharp steel - impossible to hold, impossible to contain, overflowing with energy for as long as is required to destroy an attack against you? 3 Seconds from now, you may need to.


We must learn a decent command over the language of violence.


Right now, you and I are standing on the fabric of society - the fabric of civilization. It is a fabric of cooperation and fairness and rights and respect and personal space. It is a fabric on top of which the language of economics and persuasion and peace are spoken. It is the most beautiful fabric ever woven.


This fabric is so easy to take for granted, because it's always been here. Ever since you were born, this fabric has been in place, and tens of thousands of people wake up every day and go to jobs as infrastructure personnel and prison guards and police officers and engineers and civil servants to make sure this fabric remains in top condition. 


If all we ever know is this fabric... and if it's always been provided for us, it is easy for us to assume that the fabric is the default. That if everything were left alone, this fabric would appear. But historically, this is just not true. Wise is the man or woman who understands the truth: that civilization is hard work. Tens of millions of people cooperating and accepting economic and material defeat along with victory, tolerating other religions and beliefs, is extraordinarily rare. The default of human nature is not peace, but war. It is tribal. It is survival of the fittest. It is greed and envy and lust and wrath.


For the times when this greed breaks into our house… our car at a stoplight… or for when it tries to take us hostage and push us to our knees in the manager’s office of a grocery store – we need to have a command over the language of violence.


Something that I like to remind people, is that the holocaust happened in color. This isn’t something that happened ‘when the world was in black and white’, before people ‘were enlightened’. This happened in towns and cities where electricity and water ran freely. Where ‘walk’ and ‘don’t walk’ signs illuminated every corner. Where, when the police came at 4am to round up people whose names were on lists, neighbors who ‘had too much to lose’ turned up the volume on their radios when the infants began to wail and the elderly who couldn’t walk were shot in their beds.


At any time, violence may be only 3 seconds away. That can’t stress us out. We’ve chosen to see and acknowledge reality. Now, we need to choose to be prepared to meet inescapable violence with effective self-defense.


Recently I heard of an archeological uncovering that has become one of the oldest finds of modern human remains so far. The remains were a tribe of a dozen or so individuals – men, women, and children. It was clear to the archeologists that that they had all been massacred in an ambush raid. Blunt force trauma, shattered skulls, and all that. One pregnant woman even had damage to her ribs and spine consistent with an attacker taking the unnecessary measure of stabbing the fetus with a wooden spear. Over what: Territory? A water supply? Food? God only knows.


This is all disgusting and disturbing, but that is often what human nature turns toward during life below the beautiful fabric of society.


We would all like to say, “Not here! Not today!” But we would be very, very wrong. Because the truth is, it happens here every day. Every crime is a tear in this fabric of civilization. Now, when crime happens, cops and ambulances and judges show up to repair that tear.


But my point is that many people do live as wolves below this layer of fabric, and for their survival, they hunt. They tear open holes in the fabric and snatch good people and destroy their lives.


Very often, they win.


Of all murders in the USA, only 60% of the killers are ever arrested…. and every decade, this rate drops lower and lower. Why? The criminal element who survives and thrives below the fabric is getting larger, and the fabric itself is getting weaker.


The point of this message is not to frighten or worry. There’s nothing new being presented here, nothing you weren’t already aware of. This broadcast is only a reminder of the observations you prudently made that brought you to the point of carrying concealed in the first place.


This is a reminder that in order to live our vocations fully, we must learn to be as comfortable operating within the realm of violence as those who may try to kill us already are, just as we pray that our handguns and these skills are never called upon.