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"Combat Wisdom – Courtesy of Concealed Carry University and Alumni"


This week represents a monumental step forward in Concealed Carry University - and Responsibly Armed American for that matter- training technology and philosophy. Tune into the broadcast to learn how to take advantage of our unprecedented Combat Wisdom training program!

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This week, I want to ask you: What would the perfect concealed carry training tool look like?

Why do I ask? Because, today I am announcing to you – only to you Guardian Broadcast listeners - the most exciting project I’ve ever worked on. Something that I believe will prove to be the greatest contribution I can make to you as someone who carries concealed.

Alright. Let me back up and say a few things.

By now, through my Complete Guide and any other training you’ve received, I believe you are in the upper ranks of those who carry concealed when it comes to your knowledge and your realistic understanding for your capabilities and limitations as an armed Guardian.

I founded the Concealed Carry University because of potentially dangerous errors I saw with much of concealed carry education, but I had no idea if there were other people out there like me… People who thirsted for truth, and who were wise enough to know they weren’t getting it from your average ‘gun blog’, YouTube channel, or gun magazine.

Well, here you are!

And I’m simply ecstatic to have a virtuous group of friends and peers to travel alongside in life (and devote my life to) here in this CCU Alumni. So: thank you.


CCU began with the release of the Complete Guide; my 20-hour course designed to shift the concealed carry conversation away from one of anecdotes and “your guess is as good as mine”, to one of scientific fact and verifiable bare-minimums. I wanted to:

(1st) paint the picture of what the ‘statistically most likely’ self-defense encounter might look like for us,

(2nd), show, therefore, how many modern schools of thought and education were setting their students up for failure rather than success, and

(3rd), to present to you ways to make whole and pure your Mindset, Training, and Gear with regard to being effective at defending yourself and others.

In short, if I may speak totally bluntly: I want to build REAL warriors. Warriors who are beacons of virtue and pillars of strength to those around them. Warriors who are actually and efficiently capable of turning violence into peace by shutting down attacks…

…and in the blessed chance that they never need to use their skills, to help guide them and walk with them in their journeys so that the discipline of concealed carry makes them better people and improves their lives in every department.

Now I’m sure you have many shoes to fill and ‘hats’ that you wear (I am a Father and Husband before anything else). But whether you’re a 78 year old woman, a 72 year old man, a 55 year old professional, or a 28 year old ex-Marine with 7% body fat — I know that IF YOU’RE HERE, THEN warriorhood (or being a true Guardian) is part of your calling… it IS a role that you were born to fulfill…. and I know that I can help you fill that role very well.


At this point, you’ve probably become pretty well educated with regard to concealed carry. I’ve had you “in” my studio for hours, and I’ve “taken you to the range”.

If you’ve been listening to the Guardian Broadcast, you’re probably more intellectually advanced on this topic than anyone you know.

In other words, you’ve probably become quite combat knowledgeable. Your next step, then, is to obtain Combat Wisdom. Without requiring you to devote your life to the martial arts, and co-existing right alongside your primary roles in life….

I want to make you Combat Wise…

…so that when the hairs begin standing up on your neck, your mouth becomes dry as a bone, your heart dumps into 2nd gear, and the thought you hear in your brain is, IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING, you have a second-nature understanding of:

  • When to engage.

  • HOW to engage.

  • WHETHER to engage.

  • and how the situation is going to play out, even before you draw.

I want you to come to highest quality decisions possible as fast as possible. And when engagement is necessary… when your pistol clears its holster and you’re bringing it up to eye-level, I want your expectations and actions to be loaded with certainty and confidence:

  • How the attacker will react the moment you press off your first shot.

  • How the bystanders around you will react, and how soon they’ll begin reacting.

  • How YOU will react following that first shot.

  • How to move.

  • How to shoot.

  • How to finish the fight based on your attacker’s reactions.

Knowing the answers to these questions – all of them – are key determining factors in whether or not you are successful in a self-defense engagement, especially if your attacker’s eyes are on you the moment it becomes necessary to begin moving your hand the 10,000 mile distance to your carry position.

With combat wisdom, you will know. You will understand, and you will be calmer and in control. Until now, there has been only one way to obtain combat wisdom: to be in and survive enough gunfights to learn them. But I don’t want to wait and gamble. I want combat wisdom BEFORE I need it.

I hope this sounds as absurd to you as it does to me, but this attitude of “jump in headfirst and see if you make it” has been around for generations. In the second World War, pilots were given as much training as could be afforded, but at the end of it all the attitude was one of, “whether you can survive your first encounter or not is anyone’s guess. You either “have it” or you don’t… good luck!”

And statistically, with every engagement that a pilot survived, the greater his odds became of surviving the next one. Why? Because experience allowed these lucky pilots to learn the lessons that can only be taught within the context of REAL VIOLENCE.

They learned the lessons that have to be felt. The lessons that can’t exactly be put to words. They developed… combat wisdom.

The absurd fact of the matter that I refuse to accept for myself or my students, however, is that for many pilots, their first engagement was their last. (NOBODY wanted to fly on a bombing mission with a brand new B17 pilot, for example. Their bunkmates didn’t even want to learn their names until after the first mission! So great were the odds that they would die, and the pain of losing friends would only grow worse.)

They were sent in unprepared, in the same state in which many people carry concealed.

WE CANNOT AFFORD TO CARRY WITH THIS ‘CAN I SURVIVE? WAIT AND SEE!’ ATTITUDE. We have families and friends and roles in life that depend on us. We enjoy life too much, and to reduce a good life to the chew-toy of a wolf is a waste, and it is unjust.


We should be unwilling to accept anything less than as much obtaining real combat wisdom in advance as we can. And taking you into the beating heart of a REAL GUNFIGHT and giving you this wisdom is my primary goal from this point forward – after you’ve ‘graduated’ from The Complete Guide to Effective Self-Defense.

So, how do you get combat wisdom AHEAD of time?

Now I really, truly believed that putting you within a series of Force-on-Force scenarios was going to be the ‘secret sauce’. I first became certified in Simunition™ Safety and Scenario creation back in 2011, and now I’m one of the few private individuals to own a collection of Sim™ pistols, rifles, safety gear, and thousands of rounds of Sim™ ammo. And make no mistake: Sim™ training is incredible.

But here’s one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned after spending a fortune on this equipment: gunfights (real or simulated) are simply too fast-paced to learn within! They kick off and then it’s over. You either already know what to do and you do it and win – or you don’t know what to do, and you lose.

And so I’ve learned through experience that it is the down time between Sim™ gunfights, and (like surviving pilots in WW2) the time I spend reviewing and analyzing other gunfights – it is these periods in which my skills improve. THIS is how I develop combat wisdom. It has to percolate following observation or experience.

And that leads me to an announcement possibly even more exciting than the release of my Complete Guide 3 years ago… The announcement of a brand-new educational tool that I hope to see completely revolutionize the way we responsibly armed Guardians develop ourselves and keep ourselves sharp.

Here it is:

I believe I have come up with a solution to this problem: a method of obtaining a necessary degree of Combat Wisdom so that we have it with us when that day comes. A way for us to educate our senses and sharpen our decision-making abilities. A responsible and balanced way for us to become acquainted with violence and violent people, so that we’re not stunned into submission should we ever encounter them face to face – but instead, can react appropriately and justifiably and necessarily.

This concept and educational tool that I’ve come up with is one that’s so simple, so rational, and so effective that I cannot believe it hasn’t existed for decades.

But: Now it does. And this is something I want every single one of my students and CCU Alumni to experience; bar none.

For those who already have obtained the foundational self-defense education like you have with my Complete Guide, THIS IS YOUR NEXT STEP. It’s a critical step.

It is quite possibly the most important and useful educational tool I’ll ever be able to develop.

And once you expose yourself to this brand-new tool, I believe you will agree with me: absolutely everyone who carries a concealed handgun for self-defense should receive this education and training.

I’d like to introduce to you, 3 SECONDS FROM NOW: DECISIONS UNDER FIRE

3 SECONDS FROM NOW is a brand-new offering from Concealed Carry University. This is a SERIES which I will be building and releasing new volumes to every 6 months for as long as the Concealed Carry University and its message survive and thrive. Putting this program in your hands and its lessons in your head is now my primary mission and focus for you.

3 SECONDS FROM NOW: Decisions Under Fire is the first volume in this brand-new series. It’s a 3 1/2 hour ultra-fast paced and concise education where I take you on a journey into the middle of 7 gunfights… 7 defensive use-of-force situations… where we watch together each entire scenario playing out in real time, and then work together to analyze, understand, critique, re-create, and reenact them for the purpose of extracting the maximum tactical wisdom, actionable practice drills, and mental rehearsal strategies to impart onto you, as much as is possible, the vicarious veterancy that comes with experiencing and surviving a gun fight first hand.

Think of this new series as a mix between a phenomenally educational and non-sensational version that old show, World’s Wildest Police Videos®, and a darkened projector room in which veteran pilots gather to watch ‘gun camera’ clips from dogfights and demonstrate with hand-held models how to become better dog-fighters.

Okay, so What is this new program?

3 SECONDS FROM NOW is where CCU’s Mission and Education get real. This is “applied self-defense”. This is your ‘continued education’ to help make practical and memorable and truly valuable to you everything we teach. And, to help you become even sharper and stay that sharp for your entire career as a responsibly armed Guardian.

Every installment of this new series is going to bring to you a collection of incidents that present a ‘big idea’ that will serve as our primary take-away, in addition to the massive amount of strategic and tactical experience that you’ll pick up. The ‘big idea’ here in Volume 1 is: Decisions Under Fire.

We will focus on how to make excellent SNAP decisions in the face of an imminent or active attack, including:

  • Should I engage????

  • Would engaging be ethically and legally justifiable??

  • Where is the best place to engage from???

  • How should I draw my pistol, and how should I position by body to set up for a successful presentation?

  • Where do I shoot this guy?

  • How many shots do I fire?

  • When do I stop shooting?

  • Who is around me, and how will they react once I begin shooting?

  • How will this creep react once I begin drawing my gun?

At first, these situations will play out faster than you can comprehend. But the more you are exposed to, and the more your strategic and tactical ‘muscles’ develop, you’ll begin to develop the ability to comprehend and think and decide in real time – eventually, faster than the criminal involved. That’s the whole point.

Each of the 7 gunfights you’ll be taken into in this program could stand alone as ‘doctoral level educations’ in the use of effective force. Simply by watching this program and by integrating the many lessons you will learn into your thoughts and practice using the methods we demonstrate for you on camera, you will educate your expectations and senses for what you may encounter someday.

When you pop in this DVD, I’ll briefly explain the structure and flow of how this education will be presented to you, but then we jump right in for some heart-pounding action.

First, I let you watch the incident fully, without editing and without commentary. Here, I challenge you to study the incident as it happens in real time, putting yourself in the shoes of the victim, paying attention to as many details as you can, and forming your own set of critiques and praise for the players in each scenario.

Next, we will run the scenario again, but this time I will be pausing and highlighting certain aspects of the incident as I deliver vocal commentary through the incident as we watch it unfold together, in order to help you better understand exactly what is happening on camera.

And then, we dive in for a full critique… Working through each point of the incident, gun fight, and aftermath, I go down a list and explain everything that the victim did correctly and incorrectly.

When the individual performed correctly, I’ll explain in detail WHY their action was correct and justifiable, and give you direction on how you can work to replicate their success:

  • How you need to think.

  • What you need to be able to do.

  • And what sort of gun and gear you would have needed to have on you to survive that situation.

And for the many mistakes and incorrect (and life-threatening and legally disastrous) actions that you will witness, I explain alongside you:

  • Why they were detrimental mistakes.

  • What the individual should have done instead.

  • How you can practice and prepare to avoid those mistakes.

And when beneficial, I will take you into the force-on-force arena where we use perimeter cameras (and even cameras attached to our bodies!) to re-create the gunfight and show you exactly how this situation could have played out successfully if the unfortunate victim would only have learned what you will learn through this program.

By joining me in this 3 SECONDS FROM NOW movement,

  • You will develop more effective instinctual and instantaneous reactions to sudden violence.

  • You will come to make for better decisions FASTER in a real, life-threatening situation then you would have otherwise.

  • You will hesitate far less, instead jumping into the appropriate action.

  • Your actions will be more prudent, more justifiable, and more decisive and effective.

  • And you will learn the easy way what sort of gun and gear you need to be carrying – or should not be carrying – before ever been involved in a gunfight where these lessons can cost us our lives.

Alright. First, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you, and it’s as simple as that. YOU have fueled and enabled all of this. It would simply be beyond the scope of dreams to devote a hundred grand of personnel and equipment and time and another hundred grand to ordering apparel and producing these DVDs to make a concept like 3 SECONDS FROM NOW a reality. And yet, I pray to God this video education series becomes one of the best armed self-defense training tools of all time.

Once again. THANK YOU. You have made this possible, and now I hope that tap into the education, and begin this NEW JOURNEY toward obtaining combat wisdom right alongside me.

Thank you so much. Enjoy, and Good Luck.