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"Threat + Weapon ≠ Draw and Fire"


One of the most interesting and charged observations we've made from the review of real-world deadly-force scenarios has to do with HOW and WHEN who will win the gunfight is decided...

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Hello and welcome my fellow guardians to this Guardian Broadcast – a weekly instructional and fireside chat where we talk about anything and everything related to the concealed carry lifestyle. I'm your host and founder of the Concealed Carry University, Patrick Kilchermann.


This week’s Guardian Broadcast packs a very powerful message from "beyond the grave.”  What do I mean? Well, you've been getting emails from me related to the release of my new cutting-edge program “3 Seconds From Now” – an in-depth study and re-creation for your benefit of seven real-world deadly force incidents that were caught on tape.  The premise of this new revolutionary series is that there are some lessons which can only be learned within the context of a real deadly force incident and many more that are best learned there. 


For some of what you will learn through that series, people literally lost their lives to bring you those lessons. It's powerful stuff and the focus of today's Guardian Broadcast. An observation that has come from the study of hundreds of these incidents and has been paid for in blood by a great number of people – and that is why I say, it is coming to you from “beyond the grave.”


The lesson can be best summed up by a quote from Sun Tsu's The Art of War, which is this: “Victorious warriors win first and then go to battle; while defeated warriors go to battle first and then seek to win."


How does that apply to concealed carry in self-defense gun fights?


The stunning and chilling answer is this: by my observation, there is no factor more important for the likelihood of your surviving an encounter with a violent murderer than WHETHER and WHEN you choose to draw your gun and fight.


I'm telling you:  I have seen a great number of people delay going for their guns when they should have, therefore losing their opportunity to fight back and then finding themselves gravely injured with a gun still in their holster or partially drawn – AND I've seen just as many if not more individuals go for their gun, successfully draw and begin engaging, only to still become gravely or mortally wounded during a gun fight that absolutely could have and should have been avoided. 


In other words, at one end we need to master our timing and develop an intuitive understanding for WHEN we should draw our guns and begin fighting based on the actions and attitude of our threat as they relate to our own mental state and body position and anybody else who is in our surroundings. 


But at the other end, we need to develop an even stronger understanding for when we should NOT go for our guns.


This might be surprising to hear from the Concealed Carry University, but it shouldn't be; the fact is, not every encounter with a violent person – even somebody holding a knife or a gun – should necessarily result in us fighting back or even drawing our pistols. For many people who carry concealed, this understanding is simply not present. I see the evidence of it in hundreds of videos of gunfights that could have been avoided or could have been dealt with through wiser and tactically sound, safer and more survivable means.  


For many people who carry concealed, Bad Guy + Weapon = Draw and Fight Back!  But wise guardians reject this formula.  Even though I want every one of you listening to this to become an even more efficient and potentially destructive fighter than most people who carry concealed, I also want you to develop combat wisdom.  And part of combat wisdom is knowing when to engage, and when engagement is not necessary.


Because there is a lot of truth in the old statement: "The best gun fight is the one you are not in." 


So how do you get this combat wisdom? Well, there are a few ways.  One is by talking to people who have been there. If they are willing to talk about it, and if they are able to communicate their experience well, you will be able to pick up some gems and nuggets.  Books are another form of tapping into people who have been there, but they are equally valuable.  When I tell people that I've read hundreds upon hundreds of combat memoirs from all theaters of war over the last 150 years, they usually think I am some sort of war junkie. Nothing could be further from the truth – the simple fact is that in addition to paying homage to these remarkable individuals who have been there, absorbing these many personal accounts of combat has allowed me to work toward developing this intuitive understanding for the flow of violent human conflict. 


Simulated gun fights are another way. If you can take part in Force on Force combat training against another living and breathing opponent, eventually with enough exposure against a number of people you will begin to understand how all of the concepts for self-defense that we talk about in “The Armed American’s Complete Concealed Carry Guide to Effective Self-defense” really do play out in real time and in real life.  You will see that without that foundation of knowledge, survival and victory are far less likely – but you will also see that more is needed. This understanding that I keep speaking of, this combat wisdom – that is what is needed to truly prepare you. 


All that said: modern technology allows for what I believe is the greatest way to obtain combat wisdom – or at least as much as we can without actually being there (which is a lot) – and that is:  reviewing violent incidents that were caught on tape. 


Now listen, right now you are either experiencing one of two reactions: either "Ha, I get it now – I understand why Pat put together this ‘3 Seconds From Now’ program, and I'm starting to see the value in it."


Or you were thinking, "Hey! No fair – I was listening to the Guardian Broadcast, not some sales pitch!" Well listen – I am not a salesman. I am not a profiteer. I am somebody who has felt the guardian urge since I was three years old, and even though I am a father and a husband, a coach and school board member, and many other things – being an armed citizen, or a guardian, is intrinsically tied to who I am. 


If I come on here and tell you about the program that I've developed, I promise you that it is only because I saw a great need for these programs; there were no other education pieces out there that delivered quite what they did, and because I then spent months and even years researching and constructing these colossal works. 


So with that said, yes: I do think my new DVD program “3 Seconds From Now” is the most efficient and effective way of imparting real combat wisdom that I am aware of, and for the purposes of this Guardian Broadcast you will find that volume one of "3 Seconds From Now" speaks directly to this primary need that we all have – and the need to know when and whether to engage these threatening individuals. That is why we call volume one "Decisions Under Fire.”


If any of that sounds interesting or useful to you, I encourage you to pick up a copy. If it sounds interesting but you don't want to get a copy, no problem! Seek out veterans who have been there. Seek out and start absorbing war memoirs.  Or if you have somebody extremely knowledgeable who you can trust, sit down with them and begin reviewing some deadly force scenarios. I just want to point out however that  even if you can find somebody to guide you through these scenarios who themselves already have enough combat wisdom, whatever that instructor would charge in one hour would likely buy you three or four copies of this exciting new program of mine. Plus, they are not going to be able to take you into the Force on Force arena or into the gun range to show you how their advice would play out in a real gun fight, and what kind of practice drills you can employ the next time you are at the range to ensure that you would survive the kinds of incidents that have claimed so many lives. 


So, if you're interested in grabbing a copy of “3 Seconds From Now,” you can either simply go to or look back to any of the emails I've sent you over the past few days, all of which will have a link to take you to the information page where you can read more about this new program.


Otherwise, I thank you for your time this week, and I hope you do begin pondering heavily this gun fighting wisdom: “Victorious warriors win first and then go to battle; while defeated warriors go to battle first and then seek to win."


God be with you and thank you for everything.